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Complete-> data values

The method for data values

Data use the complex types (no_met_metdata_x where x = Metdata, TimeStamp ,Location, WeatherElement) in the WSDL-file. See examples and explanations of use of getMetData.

getMetDataValues (RPC/literal)
Returns data values in XML-format by means of SOAP encoding styles Literal/RPC. Data follows an XSD schema. Use of getMetDataValues is the same as using getMetData.

Inputparameters for getMetData and getMetDataValues (* = required)
timeserietypeID* - is given as a number. Timeserie types can be retrieved by getTimeSerietypesProperties(",").

format, from and to is used for timeserietypeID: 0, 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 16
format - for date (see java SimpleDateFormat). Blank ("") uses the default format: yyyy-MM-dd
from - from start of date is given in date format. Blank ("") gives today's date.
to - to end of date is given in date format. Blank ("") gives today's date.

stations* - is given as a comma-separated list of station numbers. All available stations can be retrieved from method getStationsFromTimeserieType("")

elements* - is given as a comma-separated list of character-based element codes. Elements can be retrieved from method getElementProperties("",""). Elements from a timeserie type are retrieved from method getElementsFromTimeserieType(timeserietypeID).

hours* is only used for timeserietypeID=2, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15 and 16 (hours data)
hours - [0,..,23] are given as a comma-separated list. hours are in UTC-time.

months can be used by all timeserietypeIDs. Blank ("") returns all months in a time intervall.
months - [1,..,12] is given as a comma-separated list .

username- is left blank (null or "") for ordinary users. For some external station owners, username can be used. In this case, the user name is the same as in eKlima.
information about getMetData and getMetDataValues
1000000: is the upper limit on the number of data points by for a request.
Data points = (times * (days - ((12- months)*30)*years) * elements * stations.) 
is the element weathersymbolnumber (see symbols and number in day column). symbol_no does not exist in getElementProperties("","") because the meta data does not exist in the current database. symbol_no can be used in input parameter for the elements. The elements ww and nn are in also output because symbol_no is based on the elements.
-99999: number is set when missing data from station observing the element that it asked for. If the station does not observe element, no data will be shown.
-1.0: for precipitationfor means no precipitation observed.
0.0: for precipitation means observed precipitation but neglected.
Z: in output for time for example: 2008-07-02T00:00:00.000Z, Z means UTC-time.

getRegionHistoryTrend (RPC/literal)
Region values with the trend, in the year, month or season. Smoothed trend is shown if wanted with e.g. 30 years. Gauss curve made with a filter. Standard deviation of 3.0 (standard) is equivalent to an equalisation of approx. 10 years.

inputparameters for getRegionHistoryTrend (* = have to be spesified)
*region_type - region type->GR=geographical, TR=temperature, NR=precipitation)
*region_no - region number
GR->(0=Norway, 1=Østlandet, 2=Agder, 3=Western Norway, 4=Trøndelag,
5=Northern Norway)
TR->(1=Østlandet, 2=Vestlandet, 3=Midt-Norge, 4=Nordland and Troms,
5=Finnmarksvidda, 6=Varanger)
NR->(1=Østfold, 2=Østlandet, 3=Sørlandet, 4=Sør-Vestlandet, 5=Sunnhordland,
6=Sogn, 7=Dovre/Nord-Østerdal, 8=Møre and Romsdal, 9=Inntrøndelag, 10=Trøndelag/Helgeland, 11=Hålogaland, 12=Finnmarksvidda, 13=Varanger)
element* - element->TAM(GR,TR), TAMA(GR,TR), RR(GR,NR) or RRA(GR,NR)
TAM=Mean temperature, TAMA=deviation from temperature normal (1961-1990),
RR=total of precipitation, RRA=deviation from normal precipitation (1961-1990)
fromYear* - from year
toYear* - to year
month* - month->(0=year),(1=January,,,12=December),
(21=spring,22=summer,23=autumn, 24=winter)
language - language
information about getRegionHistoryTrend
Filtered_Gauss: is a element that is provided in the output of data in addition to the selected element. Filtered_Gauss is standard deviation on 3.0. Filtered_Gauss does not exist in getElementProperties ("","") because meta data does not exist in the current database.