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Available methods

In order to extract data values use the method getMetData or getMetDataValues. They provides data for inputparameters timeserie type (observations, daily values, monthly values, monthly normals, daily normals and daily extremes), from- and to-dates (and possibly the times of the observations) as well as months, elements and stations.
In addition, a method called getRegionHistoryTrend provides trend data for the regions.

There are methods available for obtaining metadata describing the types of time series, elements, stations and quality control flags.

Connect to the service complete

In order to be able to connect to the Klimadata Web Service you have to use the WSDL-document. It is recommended to store the WSDL file locally in conjunction with your client if you have a problem. Communication protocol SOAP encoding styles with the RPC/Encoded and RPC/Literal are used. Some methods use RPC/literal in response otherwise RPC/Encoded is used in input and response.


It is possible to get data form an URL. An example of a url for method getMetDataValues (following XSD schema) is:
&hours=&months=&username= shows all of the methods that are available in 'Complete'.

The response from the methods with error or by lack of data

Data : If there is no data values or illegal input values, a message is given in 'type' of the complex type Metdata.
Metadata : Metadata is not available or incorrect input, gives an empty array in response.
Data : Error-tag used for messages for error or by lack of data.


License and copyright

How can data and products from eKlima be used and redistributed?