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Graph -> frequency

The method for frequency

Windrose that show the relative frequency of wind direction and speed combined for selected months in one or more years. Only observation data. Stations can be retrieved from getStationsFromTimeserieTypeElemCodes("2","DD,FF",""). See graph example.

inputparameters for getWindRose (*=required)
stationID* - stationnumber
maxFF* - max value in wind speed
format - for date. Blank ("") uses the default format: YYYY-MM-DD
fromDate* - from date
toDate* - to date
months - months [0,11] (0= January), comma separated list.Blank ("") gives all months (default).
hours* - [0,..,23] are given as a comma-separated list. hours are in UTC-time.
width* - the width of the graph (the height is relative to the width)
language - language