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What is Klimadata Web Services?

wsKlima are services where klimadata and metadata are made available. By using the Web Services technology, you can set up clients that extract the data from met.no 's klimadatabase (does not require any registration). In order to be able to connect to wsKlima you have to use the WSDL-document(try to read locally if problems). Clients should use the development tools that automatically generate classes based on WSDL document. For clients that programming in JAVA, we can recommend the use of development tools NetBeans with a lot of built-in functionality.

Three types of services

In order to obtain data, three types of services are available. They are called standard, complete and graph (see left menu). All three are using communicate protocol SOAP encoding styles with the RPC / Encoded. The version graph has methods that provide graphs of climate data transferred binary. Standard and complete have methods that provide climate data and metadata in XML format. Complete is an expanded version of the standard that in addition the methods give data following XSD schema and metadata for stations following ISO-19139. They also use RPC / Literal as a response. For those who can't combinate literal and encoded, can only use the service standard. The actual data is the same for both services (except method getRegionHistoryTrend in complete).


We use gzip compression in response for size > 30,000 bytes if the client's request has gzip in accept-encoding as a parameter. If a client get something like this error message 'Invalid byte 1 of 1-byte UTF-8 sequence', it is because the client does not accept gzip. The problem can be solved for client by accepting decompression. To avoid gzip compression from wsKlima, client must excluded gzip in Accept-Encoding in client's request.

License and copyright

How can data and products from eKlima be used and redistributed?

2019.03.01 - frost.met.no - replaces wsKlima as operational API for observation and climate data.

Graphic products can be found in eklima.met.no